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A message from Mrs. Allen...

Clinkscale families,

PLEASE take the time to read through this newsletter to the end. There is some very important information coming and we want to ensure you are "in the loop!"

Students are more than welcome to wear a mask daily and teachers will give breaks throughout the day; however, we ask all students to wear masks at arrival and dismissal.

As always, please feel free to email us with concerns/questions @ or


Mrs. Allen


IMPORTANT for medication, asthma and allergies!!!


At the beginning of each school year a new medication form is required.

Please see the links below for the required medication administration forms.

These forms will need to be printed, filled out by you and the physician. Then it will need to be sent back to me electronically. You can email them back to me at:

Medication Administration Form

Once I have received the order form I will contact you to schedule a drive by medication drop off.

1.Medication will need to be in the original prescription bottle. The label must match the order form

2. I can only accept a 30 day supply of medication

Medication Administration Form

Asthma Action Form

Due to Covid-19:

  1. Nebulizers will not be given at school, should your child need a nebulizer treatment they will need to be picked up and given the treatment at home.

  2. All Inhalers will need to be administered with a spacer attachment

Asthma Action Plan

Allergy Action Plan

Please send epipen & benadryl in original packaging.

Please check expiration dates prior to bringing to school.

Allergy Action Plan

Seizure Action Plan

Special Diet Plan

School Supplies...

Pre-ordered school supplies! We will have "pick-up" times available August 24th: 9-11am and 1-3pm at the gym doors. Please wear a mask, stay in your car and we will radio in for your pick up.

School Supplies LIST: Students will need basic school supplies...They will need basic supplies for individual use that they can keep in a small school box/container for when students return to "in-person" instruction. For example, pencil box, pencils(ticonderoga), glue stick, crayons/colored pencils(4th-5th), scissors, black expo markers, paper. A few of the "nice to have" items include, kleenex and ear buds.

Morning Drop-off procedures***NEW***

We have changed our morning drop off lane to TWO LANES!!! Please note...each lane MUST turn in the closest lane as they exit after dropping their student off.

Here are some pointers or drop-off "reminders"...

    • Doors open at 7:15/Tardy bell is 7:40
    • Two lanes of traffic.
    • Please pull up to the front stop sign. Students will EXIT CARS between both stop signs
    • Cars will move when stop signs change to SLOW to enable the movement of groups of cars at a time to drop-off and exit
    • Parents may park in the parking lot and walk their student to the crosswalk(Mrs. Cassidy), but not in the building.
    • Front drive lane is for daycare/buses ONLY. Do not come to the front of the school to drop off children in the morning.
    • Give hugs and kisses while waiting in line, to ensure you’re ready to exit when the cars stop
    • Do not pull into the "handicap" parking to drop off; This is only for our families who need this service.
    • If pulling into the parking lot, you must walk your student to Mrs. Cassidy(do not allow them to walk behind cars)

  • Please turn BOTH directions when leaving the drive lane to allow traffic to continue to move smoothly(both directions lead back to the same 4-way intersection)SEE MAP BELOW!!!
  • Big picture

    Dismissal Procedures...

    We have worked with the Burleson Police Department on these procedures, so please help us by following them to ensure the safety of students and staff.

    Picking up in the afternoon...

    • Dismissal bell 3:10pm
    • Pick up lane is 2 lanes.
    • NO cell phone usage in the car lane.
    • Have pink card on dash/visible for person on duty to call their name/names.
    • After picking up your child, you must turn in the direction that is closet to your side of traffic.
    • Do not make 2 lanes on Hillside Road..remain in one lane until turning into the school drive and then it becomes two lanes(see map below)
    • Remain in your car and follow the guidance of staff. Our staff will help escort your child to a designated cone for dismissal.
    • Absolutely NO walk-ups at ANY exit of the building due to safety.
    • Walkers will be escorted by teachers/staff to the corner of Blayke and Hillside. Use caution when parking on the side of the streets, as there are "no parking" signs posted in these areas. If you child walks home, you may meet them at the corner of Blayke and Hillside (staff will be escorting them to the 4-way stop). SEE MAP BELOW


    "Pack your Patience!!" We have new families and new little ones learning all procdures. We ask that you offer Grace and patience as they navigate the learning process. The first week of pick up is usually hot and tiring, but hang tight! Typically, procedures become natural and more uniform by the 2nd week! As a staff and parents ourselves, we know dismissal can often be frustrating and sometimes we are tempted to "take a shortcut" to save time. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE help us in cooperating with procedures to help ensure the safety of all students and staff.

    We are going to have a GROOVY year!!

    Big picture

    2020-21 Dress Code

    Mondays: College day...wear your favorite college shirt

    Fridays: SPIRIT day...wear your favorite BHS/CHS/Hughes/Kerr spirit shirt

    You can view additional dress code guidelines here

    PLEASE be sure to label all jackets and lunchboxes!

    Irene Clinkscale Elementary

    7:15 Doors Open

    7:40 Tardy Bell

    3:10 Dismissal Bell