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Spotlight on Strategies - Building Capacity

Strategy for the week of December 14, 2015

As instructors we are always looking for practical knowledge and tools to create positive and lifelong learning. Time is of the essence in so many ways, I thought this would be a quick and easy way for you to browse and try some new strategies as we continue to develop our learner centered classrooms.

I used to think...., Now I think ........

Having students reflect at the end of a unit or lesson is a common practice. However, much of the reflection students offer tends to focus on the activities they did and how they would rate their performance on those tasks. We want to focus attention on how the development of understanding is not just an accumulation of new information but often results in changes in thinking. A quick and easy reflection exit ticket - allows students to reflect on current understanding of a topic, and respond to each of these sentence stems.

  • I used to think.......
  • Now I think..........


This routine helps students reflect on their thinking about a topic/issue and explore how and why that thinking has changed. This helps to develop their reasoning abilities and recognize cause and effect relationships.

  • Determine where/how you want to set up your routine
  • Encourage individual reflection
  • Share the thinking.

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