December 2015 Team Recognition

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As 2015 has come to an end, I've spent the last week in reflection over the past 12 months and I am so truly grateful and humbly blessed. I'm grateful that my sister in law Tarrah Brandsma, kept me in her heart KNOWING that this Arbonne opportunity would be just what I was looking for in my life. I'm grateful that I stayed the course, even in the difficult moments. I'm grateful that I can measure my success by the number of times I have crawled out of the pit. I'm grateful that God has brought an incredible group of people into my life who lift each other up, encourage each other with unconditional love and support, and who seek to serve others with their whole hearts.

It was an incredible year, there is no doubt about that! But when I look to 2016, I see something BIGGER! Something so incredible because now, it's all about YOU! Don't get me wrong, it's always been about all have inspired me, humbled me, encouraged me, and lit a fire under me. But now, knowing what I know, I see that ANYONE can achieve whatever level of success you desire for your life! It's all about you! I pray that each of you can see this opportunity and what it can do not only for your life but for the lives of those around you, those you care about, SO CLEARLY. Because it's remarkable...and it's REAL!

Lean into this with your whole heart! Have FAITH in the process. Have FAITH in your journey. Have FAITH in yourself. And have FAITH that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!


THIS is what I see in 2016! Which one is yours??

December Recognition - Effective January 1st

Congratulations on your promotion, qualification, and/or bonus!

$100K Club!

Liz Hutchinson

1/2 Way to Region

Lisa Meiring

Megan Berry

McKenzie Cartwright

Area Managers in Qualification

Hillary Dunks in Lisa Meiring's Area

Stephanie Aretz in Trisha Dreiling’s Area

New District Managers (8% pay raise!)

Lindsay Schroedter (CA) promoted by Lisa Schroedter

Stacey Richardson promoted by Lisa Meiring

Kimmi Nguyen Lehr (TX) promoted by Liz Hutchinson

Shalini Goyal (CA) promoted by Kimmi Nguyen Lehr – 1st month!

Jocelyn Weart (CA) promoted by Maggie Meyer

Raquel Flores (TX) in Tania Diller's District

Megan Myers in Holly Houseworth's District

DMs in Qualification

Michelle Meiring (MI) in Lisa Meiring's District

Sierra Mcneal in Hillary Dunks's District

Jillian Wallendorf in Hillary Dunks's District

Christa Aydelotte (WI) in Leiloni Shine's District

Claire Soto in Megan Berry's District

Ingrid Stolmack in Mary Pugh's District

Sarah Stilp (WI) in Kirsten Cooper Borkenhagen's District

Cindy Harrod Adkins (CA) in Julie Bringuel's District
Ang Martinelli in Liz Hutchinson's District

Ashley Novander (FL) in Liz Hutchinson's District

Shawna Lanham in Liz Hutchinson's District

Dione Benson in Sue Bertram's District

Beth Kempel in Tania Diller's District

Alice Porter in McKenzie Cartwright's District

Fiona Horner in McKenzie Cartwright's District

Lindsey Renn in McKenzie Cartwright's District

Jenny Nelson in Amber Kavan's District

Jennifer Grout in Amber Kavan's District

Jaimie Diemer in Amber Kavan's District

Roxanne Pierce in Holly Houseworth's District

Mattie Liebgott in Dylan Miller's District

Moriah Hager (WY) in Jenn Mitchell's District

Crystal McFadden (WY) in Colleen Reese's District

Ginny Reece in Trisha Dreiling’s District

Becky Easton (AZ) in Stephanie Aretz’s District

Laura Hinchey in Stephanie Aretz’s District

Garrett Mccollum in Jennifer Edewaard’s District

Adonia Hentrich in Gwyneth Spinden’s District

DM Bonus Earners (extra $200!)

Lisa Schroedter (first month as DM!)

Maggie Meyer

Lisa Meiring

Hillary Dunks

Liz Hutchinson

Tania Diller

McKenzie Cartwright

Holly Houseworth

Gwyneth Spinden

Trisha Dreiling

AM Bonus Earners (extra $400!)

Lisa Meiring

Liz Hutchinson

Trisha Dreiling

VP Bonus Earners (extra $600!)

Liz Hutchinson

Trisha Dreiling

Trifecta Bonus Earners

Liz Hutchinson

Trisha Dreiling

Mid Month Rockstars - 2500QV in Central District on or before the 15th

Liz Hutchinson

Tania Diller

Maggie Meyer

Holly Houseworth

McKenzie Cartwright

Lisa Meiring

Lisa Schroedter

Hillary Dunks

Megan Berry

Gwyneth Spinden

Lisa Clore

Kristen Cooper Borkenhagen

Stephanie Aretz

Trisha Dreiling

These rockstars promoted to the next level in their business!

Sales and Sponsoring Superstars!


Liz Hutchinson - 103,015


Liz Hutchinson - 81

TOP AREA QV (Top 10 over 10K)

Liz Hutchinson - 40,648

Trisha Dreiling - 38,164

Lisa Meiring - 20,712

Holly Houseworth - 17,600

Maggie Meyer - 16,247

Megan Berry - 16,187

Tania Diller - 14,082

McKenzie Cartwright - 12,098

Gwyneth Spinden - 11,174

TOP AREA SPONSORING (Top 10 over 10)

Liz Hutchinson - 35

Lisa Meiring - 22

Maggie Meyer - 16

Tania Diller - 16

Holly Houseworth - 14

Trisha Dreiling - 14

McKenzie Cartwright - 14

Gwyneth Spinden - 12

TOP DISTRICT QV (Top 10 over 5K)

Liz Hutchinson - 19,749

Trisha Dreiling - 17,359

Holly Houseworth - 10,365

Tania Diller - 10,175

McKenzie Cartwright - 9,687

Maggie Meyer - 9,375

Gwyneth Spinden - 9,226

Lisa Schroedter - 8,896

Hillary Dunks - 7,405

Lisa Meiring - 7,317


Liz Hutchinson - 20

Maggie Meyer - 15

McKenzie Cartwright - 12

Lisa Schroedter - 11

Holly Houseworth - 11

Amber Kavan - 9

Lisa Meiring - 9

Gwyneth Spinden - 8

Hillary Dunks - 7

Tania Diller - 7


Lindsay Schroedter - 9

Megan Myers - 8

Kimm Nguyen Lehr - 8

2015 100+ Strong Sponsoring Challenge Earners!


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