Let's Get Back to Reading!


Reading is embedded in our lives!

Every day we read ourselves through life. The sense of sight is in constant use helping people to navigate the world. Text and pictures are everywhere and they are useful aids for moving forward.

Reading takes place inside and outside of the classroom.

Literacy Skills: Reading-Writing-Technolgy!

Think about it! How often do you need literacy skills in your life each day? Planning your daily commute may involve reading bus schedules, train schedules, or maps. In addition, technology, cell phones, computers, and the Internet, are examples of tools used to help individuals navigate through the 21st Century. The necessity for reading can occur at a desk, in an office, at a news stand, or maybe on a street sign, and when engagement with text occurs, literacy skills inevitably are required. Frightening? NO, not if society is prepared to meet the omnipresent literacy demand !

Dr. Pamela A. Joyce

Pamela Althea Joyce is a Reading Specialist and Urban Education Consultant, who earned her PhD in Urban Education at the City University of New York, Graduate Center. In addition, she earned a Masters Degree in Reading at Montclair State University, a second Masters Degree in Philosophy at the City University of New York, Graduate Center and a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Elementary and Early Childhood Education at Queens College. She has been an educator for over 30 years and through the years; her teaching experiences have ranged from pre-school to college level classes. She received the Weston Award for Excellence in Teaching from the Montclair Public Schools in 2003, the Exceptional Teacher Award from East Orange High School in 1997, and the Montclair State University Reading Department’s Graduate Student Award in 1997 as well. Joyce is the author of School Hazard Zone: Beyond the Silence Finding a Voice and a number of book chapters that speak directly to concerns associated with disenfranchised students. She is currently a Reading Specialist at Montclair High School in New Jersey.

Teacher 911:Karma Coaching

Wednesday, Jan. 1st, 11:30pm to Saturday, Jan. 31st 2015 at 11:30pm

New York/New Jersey

The overall purpose of Karma Coaching is to Advocate for school age children and Address a variety of school related problems that parents and teachers encounter.

GOAL: Navigate challenging logistics embedded within the school system and Focus on all academic concerns of children, parents, and teachers.

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