Barrett Koerselman

Junior. Plays Baseball. Been on Varsity since Freshman Year!


My parents are Brian and Karen Koerselman. I also have a brother and a sister. My brother, Blake, is 26 years old and graduated Sam with a business degree. My sister, Tori, went to LSU to play softball but was home sick so she came back. She now goes to Sam as well and is playing softball. My Dad owns two businesses in Huntsville. He owns Farmhouse Cafe and also Farmhouse Ink. My Mom owns her own boutique right next to my restaurant.

Favorite Memory

My favorite memory was this past summer. The baseball team that I was on this summer, went to one of the hardest and best tournaments around in Florida. We got there and won the entire thing by going 6-0. We killed every team we played and was an amazing feeling. We scored about 60 runs and only let up 5 or 6 runs! In about a week our rings will be coming in and they are amazing!

Favorite Animal

My favorite animal is a Bear. The reason for this is because this has always been my nickname. There huge and very fierce and are super aggressive just like I am on the diamond!

Favorite Hobby

My Favorite hobby is Baseball. If I'm stressing out best place for me to go is always the diamond. Even if I'm in a slump or something it doesn't matter because it's what I love. Most likely I will go to Sam Houston or Texas State or Texas to play baseball!