Pamlico Sound

Makayla Shaw

Information on the Pamlico Sound

The Pamlico Sound is located in Pamlico county which is in the eastern part of NC. Estuaries are important because they provide goods and services that are economically and ecologically indisoensable. More than 150 species of fish/animals live there such as oysters, clams, and spotted sea trout. There are also a couple of rivers or waterways that feed into the sound where other animals like the Tar River, Pamlico River, and Durham Creek. There are many threats to the estuary but some of the main one are changes to the land bordering and surrounding the estuaries and by contamination of river and ocean water. Another threat is that land is being developed for human habitation and use, roads, bridges, culverts, sewage systems, pipelines, and dams change the flow of water through the ecosystem.

Images of the Pamlico Sound

The Pamlico Sound is a great place to visit.