Friday Focus

March 25, 2016

Important Dates for Next Week

Counselor for CMT next week.

Teacher Appreciation Week!!

Monday, March 28

  • Blackboard Cohort 2 in Lab @ 2:45
Tuesday, March 29
    • RTI Meetings for K, 2nd, 5th
    • CTL meeting in Conference Room @ 2:45
    Wednesday, March 30
    • Angelo out of building all day
    • Lunch provided by PTO
    • Faculty Meeting @ 2:45 (Milestones Testing Training--all staff)
    Thursday, March 31
    • Reading Invitational for 4th grade @ 8:15, 5th grade @ 9:30
    Friday, April 1
    • RTI Meetings for 1st, 3rd, 4th
    • Coffee Bar/Breakfast from PTO

    Nuts and Bolts

    • A message from Dr. Barrow

    Dear Staff,

    Please find attached (link below) The Fayette County Mission Statement Revision Process presentation that was shared with the Administrative Council on February 22nd. The presentation was later recorded by Mr. Christopher Harper and the digital media students at Rising Starr Middle School on March 9th. Final production and editing was completed on March 17th.

    I have asked our building and system leadership to review with you and provide feedback to the group charged with the revision process. Please complete the review process and forward feedback to Mrs. Kaye Sikes ( by April 1st.

    Comments are welcomed but we would like to reach a consensus by asking you to choose one of the following statements:

    1. I can agree to support this new statement

    2. I am opposed to the statement and can not support the statement

    • Keep Tweeting--even though our challenge is over, it has been so exciting to see many of you still tweeting to our #SHMES2day and @saraharpminter. It is powerful to share your stories and to learn from others.

    Check It Out! We never quit learning...

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    • Thank you to Cindy for setting up Milestone practice for our kiddos! -Third Grade :)
    • Thank you to everyone for the warm welcome back! I've missed this place so much! Love you all -- Alison
    • A huge thank you to Donna Lawrence for taking care of me these past few weeks. You are a blessing to me and to our school! --Eileen
    • Jamie (our sub custodian) Thank you for coming right down the other morning to help with a spill in my classroom. You Rock! We are so glad to have you here to help us out these next couple of weeks. --Sandra
    • I would like to thank Beverly for all her help and for all the materials she has helped me gather up to work with my first graders in math. Also, with her help with the TKES survey for Kari Lee. Thanks so much Beverly! --Jamie Ballard
    • Karla for being my saving grace in this unbelievably busy technology time of year! --Jaime
    • Amy Hudson for sharing her STEM lab time with me so I can get one more class in for 5th Grade SLO Portfolios.--Jaime
    • Cindy for viewing me as a leader in the Milestones technology role... as not all see technology specialists in that light. --Jaime
    • Way to go Mary and Serena for presenting at the GAFE Summit this past weekend. --Erinn
    • Thanks Eric, Melissa and Ashley for a great meeting --Erinn
    • Thanks Beth, Cheryl and Joan for your hard-work to keep the office a positive place. You are the "face" of the school and interact with so many people each day. Thanks for everything. --Erinn
    • Thank you Missy for helping with Chorus last week. You are awesome. --Pam
    • Welcome back Alison!!! --Pam
    • Thank you Susan Boykin for leading our book study, you are great! --Pam
    • Thanks 4th grade teachers for letting 5th grade enrichment students use your rooms as a quiet place to film their cereal box project commercials. -Amy Hudson
    • Amanda & Kelly- Thank you for taking care of our little guy each day so we can get some Vitamin D and fresh air! We truly appreciate you and he thinks it's quite a treat! ~Tracy
    • Angela Miller- Thanks for letting our little guy hang out with you last Friday! ~Tracy
    • Thank you Beverly, Ashley, Brittany, and Jaime for helping with the Milestone practice issues. Thanks grade levels for being flexible. -Cindy
    • Thank you Kimberlee for taking Leah home one day this week, I really needed that hour. THANK YOU
    • Thank you Ashle, Alison, Erik, Melissa, Clara, and John for taking care of the SLOs this week!!!!!!!!! --Cindy
    • Susan Boykin-for getting in up to her elbows in liquid starch and thread to make our egg craft project a success...with kindergartners. --Gable
    • Mary Harris-for doing a great job with our Seesaw app presentation at Google Summit! --Gable
    • LaKeith Booker-for keeping our classroom clean. --Gable
    • Serena.---helping out teaching this weekend teaching at GAFE --Mary H
    • Heather---heading up Coins for a Cure. --Mary H
    • Erinn--- for giving me the little push to step to step out of my comfort zone and grow. --Mary H