Science Planning Team

Planning for Instruction and Curriculum Revision


1. Increase the indepth study of topics or content in each science discipline and decrease cursory coverage of a lock step curriculum (especially textbook driven). Deeper understandings help student learn, retain, and apply skills and knowledge.

2. Increase the frequency of student inquiry. The power of an inquiry-based approach to teaching and learning is the potential to increase intellectual engagement and target deep understanding through the development of a hands-on, minds-on and research-based disposition towards teaching and learning. Inquiry reflects knowledge construction and provides opportunities for both teachers to collaboratively build, test and reflect on their learning. Inquiry can take many shapes and forms.

3. The evolution of science instruction reflects moving to the right on the following rubric or an agreed upon departmentally created rubric:

The Plan

1. Volunteers for The Science Planning Team

2. 6 ED Hours this summer:
  • Find a common date to curate resources and set goals for revision

3. 15-16 school year: PD time focused on collaboration, creation of materials, and lesson planning to meet goals.

=Homegrown meaningful PD

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