Adaptations and Physical Characteristics

- Some Animals migrate to different regions of the world.

EX - Grey Whales

- Most animals are bilateral, but some primitive animals are asymmetric.

- Animals are made up of multiple organ systems like a digestive system and muscular system.

- Animals have multiple different types of cells including a nucleus

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Important Information

- Animals are Multicellular, Eukaryotic, and are Heterotrophic.

- Animal Kingdom is the largest and most diverse

- 800,000 Species out of 9-10 million have been identified.

- Most animals life in the sea.

- 36 Phyla in the kingdom.

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Fun Facts

- Animals typically reproduce Sexually

- Made up of cells that don't have a cell wall

- Obtain energy from eating other animals or plants.

- Respond quickly to external stimuli

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Characteristics of life

- Animals reproduce Sexually, but some can go through asexual reproduction.

- Animals adapt to different environments due to physical changes on their body or behavioral changes from their daily lives.

- Some animals develop from a process called metamorphosis, but most animals allow the Hox gene (Genes responsible for determining your body plan) to determine how they grow and develop over time.

- Animals obtain energy from eating other animals or plants.