Black Holes

By Luke Pugh

What do Galaxies have to do with Black Holes?

  • When black holes forms a galaxy forms around it.

  • Primordial black holes are thought to have formed in the early universe, soon after the big bang.

  • The black hole is in the center of the galaxy.

  • Since the black hole is just a zoomed out version of galaxy that is why it doesn't just suck everything inside of it.

  • Many scientist theories If something gets to close to a black hole it will engulf the thing.

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What is the Function of Black Holes?

    • A black hole has an imaginary border called the event horizon.

    • It is where gravity is just strong enough to drag light back so you can’t see the black hole. Since nothing can travel faster than light everything else will get dragged back also.

    • Without black holes galaxies could not be created.

    • Scientist believe black holes hold the galaxies together.

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How are Black Holes Made?

-The blacks holes form when a huge star collapses on itself.

- I causes a supernova and the star then explodes.

-That makes a galaxy and a black hole in the middle.

-Black holes now keep us all together.

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How Could we Explore Black Holes?

We can’t explore black holes. In ( it says that you would be stretched very thin and spread every single proton you have. Scientists have sent a satellite in 2008 to search for black holes called the Fermi. We can see the galaxy but not the black hole part because it is so black.

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