NBA's history

Gabriel Bernardini, Simone Appetito and Danilo Di Iorio. Liceo Touschek

The NBA is the National basketball association of America it is the place where you can see the most famous star of the world playing .

In these league there are 30 teams 15 are the western conference and other 15 are the eastern conference.

The NBA was born in 1946 in New York and now is very popular around the world.

Some main characters of this league are Wilt chamberlain and Larry Bird in the 50’ s , wilt has the record of 100 points in a match and the record of 55 rebounds in a match while Bird won 10 titles with the Boston Celtics.

The 60’s are the years of Kareem Abdul Jabbar he is the main scorer on NBA of all time and he played with the bucks winning the title and with the Lakers winning 5 titles .

The 80’s are years of expansion for the NBA also in Europe in this years born an huge rivality between the Lakers and the Celtics but in the 1984 has been drafted Michael Jordan , he has changed the game and he is probably the best player of all-time.

In the 90’ s the NBA is international, with European players and too many fans around the world .

This are the Chicago’ s years .In 2000 the NBA has 30 teams and the Lakers are in the head with Kobe Bryant, the 3rd scorer of all time.

Another important team in this years is San Antonio with Tim Duncan.

In 2006 Andrea Bargnani is drafted for first he is the only European player to be drafted at the first pick

In 2010 Derrick Rose was named MVP of NBA. In this year we have seen like main characters the Miami Heat of Lebron James and Dwayne Wade.

In 2015 was born the Golden State Warriors’s revenge with the 2015’s MVP Stephen Curry and his splash brother Klay Thompson. Now they are the best team in the league with a 48-4 record.
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