Women & Children on the Goldfields

By Justin


There were about 4000 women on the goldfields in 1854, Ballarat and about 12500 men. There were also 95 percent of the women married and 5 percent of the women not married. There were not that many children on the goldfields.


On the goldfields women died because the conditions were bad for their health. The water was muddy and dirty.Women couldn't afford good medicine because they were poor. Conditions were poor on the goldfields. Many children died because of foul muddy water that they had to drink.

People died of whooping cough, measles and other diseases because there were no hospitals. Cemeteries were set up to bury the dead.

Women helped other women give birth because nurses and medicines were limited. Often,a male would play the roll of 4 or 5 professionals. It was common that a doctor was also the communities barber and dentist.


Children moved schools often.Parents kept moving to find richer goldfields. Often there was no schooling because no schools were built. Schools were made out of tents. The roof was made from a canvas material.


It was hard for the women because they did everything for the men at home. They were washing dishes, ironing and cleaning clothes and cleaning their home.They cooked jams,butter,cream and they made bread then they cooked bread.