Nassau, Bahamas

This Was So Fun!!!

Tourist Attractions

The biggest tourist attraction is Atlantis. It's a hotel/water resort. It's a huge hotel with a water park to the side. The most known slide there is the Leap Of Faith. There is a village in front of it. At night they play reggae music all around.


The Marina Village across from Atlantis has a lot of places to eat. Also one of the best known restaurant is Anthony's. It's right across from the Comfort Suites next to Atlantis. It has all types of food. And if you go into downtown there is many restaurants. But they grow fruit their.And they also have a lot of seafood anywhere you go!!!!
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Things To Do

When you are down there besides Atlantis there are still a lot of things to do. Like You can go and swim or snorkel with the dolphins or go a pet stingrays. Also can go para-sailing, You can do all this and you get picked up downtown at one of the restaurants.
Swimming with Dolphins in the Bahamas


"This was the best vacation ever I give it a 10 out of 10."- Josh Fasczewski


This was one of my favorite vacations ever!!! My favorite part was Atlantis when I rode all the slides. Especially when I rode the Leap Of Faith and The Abyss, Also at night when they played reggae music. And when i kissed a dolphin when I was swimming with them.