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VCS Athletic Department Welcome Letter


The VCS Knights Athletics Program's goal is to give players the tools to improve their athletic skills to elevate their game to the next level while learning life skills and improving their academics. The VCS Knights provide training in practices, camps, clinics, and tournaments. We create an efficient, fun, and intense environment for those who love athletics! VCS Knights participate in sports leagues such as CFCAC, CFAA, and FICAA to ensure we provide exposure to our student-athletes, matching them with the proper competition.


The K-5 after-school athletics program is focused on developing each student's skills by teaching them the fundamental requirements of each sport. They have the opportunity of learning the proper way to kick, dribble or pass a ball before bringing any additional elements such as competitive games. The goal is that all students will have a strong foundation in their selected sport. Each season for the afterschool sports program endures for six weeks. After each season, the student-athlete has the opportunity to register in another sport. The registration link is under the School Shop, and once the scholar is written, they will be added to the roster. The After School Program offers the following sports:

  • Volleyball

  • Basketball

  • Soccer

  • Gymnastics

  • Cheerleading

& much more!


High School Sports are more competitive and require more intense training, preparation, and team travel. To be a part of the High School sports, the parents and student-athletes will receive notification about the tryouts and the required forms. After the tryouts, parents and students will be notified if they made the team. The High School sports seasons are as follows:

  • Volleyball -- Fall

  • Basketball -- Winter

  • Soccer -- Spring

  • Baseball -- Spring

* Some sports may be added or postponed based on the leagues’ requirements.

Manuel Narvaez

Network Athletic Director & Network Before and Aftercare Program Director

Manuel Narvaez graduated from the University of Phoenix with a Bachelor's Degree in Science of Management and a Master's in Public Administration in 2011.

In 2015, after retiring from 15 years as an International Professional Basketball Player, Narvaez began his professional career as a Peer Counseling Teacher 2016.

In 2017, Narvaez was offered to work as Staffing Supervisor and Human Resource Generalist for a prestigious Staffing Agency in Florida, managing more than 15 companies. Narvaez was able to help many families to find secure jobs in different professional areas and helped the companies increase the job retention rate.

As a proactive leader, Manuel was able to create and successfully implement different project initiatives, which include: An efficiency-based management operating system that focuses on reducing waste, streamlining the process, continuous improvement, error proofing, and a Kanban mapping system that serves to improve operations, team collaboration, project management, and succession planning. He has also implemented in a classroom a research-based system to identify strategies and behavior that impacts students' achievement and different professional resume templates established officially throughout the 21 staffing companies across the Nation.

Manuel has served as a Physical Education and Athletic Department Advisor for several schools, helping the schools to build strong sports foundations with limited resources.

Manuel grew up in Naranjito, Puerto Rico. He moved to the Orlando area in 2015 after winning a back-to-back championship in Puerto Rico and a championship in Central America as a reinforcement player earning the MVP award.

Mr. Narvaez began working with Victory Charter Schools as a Physical Education teacher during the 2020-2021 school year. He transitioned after a few months as the Network Athletic Director for the National Academic Educational Partners, Inc.

Manuel is honored to be awarded the most outstanding player and sportsmanship player of the year, amongst different awards in his professional career.

Mr. Narvaez enjoys reading ancient Hebrew and Greek scripts and writing books.

Manuel has taken training and certifications in the following:

》Adapted Sports Coaching

》Basketball Coaching with Mental Health Challenges

》Lean Management & Six Sigma

》Sports Management

》Physical Education

》Business Education

Manuel has played for the National Team of Puerto Rico and the NBA-D league.

Manuel is the author of the youth leadership book 'The Meaning of Basketball in Life' (Spanish version), a journal for Students-Athletes under the same name as the sub-title 'Journal Edition' (Spanish version), and publishing in 2022 his third book called’ Basketball Coaching principles (English).’

Manuel enjoys reading ancient Hebrew and Greek scriptures and writing youth leadership books.

Mark Viera

Victory Charter Schools Principal & Athletics Supervisor

Mr. Mark Viera was called to begin his career in education in 2013. Before that, Mr. Viera worked as Guest Service Representative for Universal Studios Orlando, Florida. Here he was trained in the art of hospitality and customer service. Mr. Viera quickly climbed the ranks and began training new employees in the field of ride operations and customer service. Shortly after, he started his career as a business director at an early childhood learning center called “The Learning Experience.” He worked closely with teachers to implement a successful customer satisfaction approach while providing teachers with quality training procedures in child care services.

Mr. Viera has over ten years of Human Resources experience in areas such as employee handbook development, Human Resource administration, and organizational development. Shortly after completing his degree, Mr. Viera began his teaching career as a classroom teacher at the Middle school level, teaching History, Leadership, and Legal studies. He quickly learned and implemented “21st-century learning” within his classroom.

His focus was to enhance the abilities of the students to master the art of problem-solving skills, critical thinking skills, and digital literacy. In addition, Mr. Viera utilized and trained teachers in the art of “Collaborative Learning.” Through collaborative learning, he centered his attention on the implementation process of strategies that built express purpose for students to participate in the sharing of the work equally and have a vested interest in succeeding.

Mr. Viera has a solid athletic background as a basketball and tackles football player, as a coach, and as an Athletic Director.


For any inquiries about Athletics, please reach out to us!


_ MS Soccer season playoffs - December 12-16

_ Track & Field season starting - December 14, 2022


_ MS & HS Soccer Tryouts - September 7, 2022

_ MS & HS Basketball Tryouts - October 13, 2022

_ MS & HS Football Orientation - October 5, 2022

_ MS & HS Football Pre-Season Conditioning - October 13, 2022

_ MS & HS Baseball Pre-Season Conditioning - October 15, 2022

_ MS Track & Field Orientation - October 15, 2022

_ MS Soccer Season Starting - October 26, 2022

_ MS Soccer season playoffs - December 12-16

_ Track & Field Season starting - December 14, 2022


_ MS Basketball - January

_ MS Flag Football - February

_ MS & HS Tackle Football - February


_ HS Volleyball - Started

_ MS Volleyball - Starting Sept 12, 2022 - Started

_ Cross Country - Starting Sept 6, 2022 - Started




Please refer to the Athletics Brochure for more information about the programs, requirements, and leagues.


MS & HS Sports of Interest Form Survey

Please fill out the form to let us know what sport you would like to participate in. This will help us design a program based on students' preferences.


QR Code - Coaches Contacts | QR Code - School Shop



You can use this quick access to the QR code for registration and options


Please Scan the QR Code on the Brochure for information and select the best option for your scholar




If your scholar is interested in participating in our tryouts, please complete the documents of the following form (Waivers & Physical) before tryouts. Tryouts are announced via REMIND APP and school bulletins.

Important Note: For compliance purposes, all physical and waiver forms must be scanned and sent to The school is not responsible for documents stolen or lost.


What documents are required for Sports?

We will need a sports physical. An Electrocardiogram (ECG) is not mandatory but is highly encouraged and will be as recommended by your care provider. Parents are encouraged to request sports physical and the waivers forms through the school office or Athletic Department if your scholar plans to try out for any sports.

Can I get a discount if my scholar participates in different sports?

As much as we would like to do that, each sport has its costs, and the sports fee is based on that.

Can I get a discount if I have siblings on the same team?

The way the system is configured, it won’t allow any type of discount. But parents with specific situations must address their questions to the School Principal.

Is there any travel team opportunity for my student-athlete?

Our coaches compete in travel teams after the school season. The student will have the opportunity to continue to develop their game year-round with a discounted option. For travel team options, please reach out to the Athletic Director.

National Academic Educational Partners

National Educational Partners, Inc. (NAEP) is the Charter Management Organization (CMO) and all-inclusive Educational Management Organization (EMO) for PM Wells Charter Academy K-8. We are committed to providing quality, actionable educational solutions, teacher effectiveness support, a standard-based curriculum, and comprehensive assessment practices.

PM Wells Charter Academy K-8 is a member of the NAEP family of schools. NAEP manages private and municipal charters for grades Pre-K through 12 and trains teachers, leaders, and district administrators all over the nation in the latest instructional best practices.

For more information on NAEP, please visit