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Parent Involvement Edition


Parent Involvement (PI) funds are an automatic set aside that are calculated based on our entire district allotment; therefore, each school has the same dollar amount. Any LEA that receives at least $500,000 is required to set aside at least 1% of their allocation for PI activities.

The first 95% of the first percent of the district's PI must be utilized at the individual school/building level. The remaining 5% of the first percent can but utilized a district level. Our 2015-16 budgets were built with 100% of our PI allocation going towards individual buildings. Each building has $1,573 to expend.


The following are the components needed in order to be compliant with Title I Parent Involvement guidelines.

  • Annual Title I Parent Meeting
  • Distribution of Parent Right-to-Know Letters
  • School Parent Involvement Policy
  • LEA Parent Involvement Policy
  • School-Parent Compact

Additional information regarding the PI components can be found on the Title I Learning Connection Community under Files and Bookmarks as well as the IDOE Title I Resource page.


Below are some examples of activities/items that are allowable using Title I Funds. This is certainly just a start, and if you have other ideas you'd like to know if are allowable, please let me know and I will work to find out.

  • Hire bilingual parent liaisons
  • Literacy/math family nights (necessary materials/manipulatives)
  • Parent informational meetings (assessment, curriculum, etc.)
  • Provide students with literacy materials (including materials in native languages!)
  • Parenting classes/resources (could utilize social workers; stipends allowable for paid services)
  • Take-home literacy/math resources and accompanying materials
  • Activities for EL speaking families
  • Parent book study
  • Parent professional development (educational speaker)
  • After school library hours
  • Light snacks and drinks for PI activities/meetings

Please also reference the below chart regarding incentives.

Note -- there is a difference in the allowability of funds depending on Targeted Assistance Schools (TAS) and School Wide (SW) programming. In a TAS, PI funds are only allowable for identified Title I students. In SW programs, PI funds are allowable for all families.

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Calli Dado

VCS Director of Title I