Edward's Syndrome

By Zachary Mayo

What is Edward's Syndrome

Edward's Syndrome is a birth defect that causes low birth weight, small head, small jaw (includes small mouth).

What are the symptoms and characteristics of this syndrome?

1) A small, abnormally shaped head

2) A small jaw, and mouth

3) Long fingers that overlap, with underdeveloped thumbs and clenched fists

4) Low-set ears

5) Smooth "rocker bottom" Feet

Is this syndrome Fatal or life threatening?

This syndrome is fatal not life threatening.

Do people who have this syndrome experience symptoms early on in life or later on?

Early age they can get it in the womb.

What age do they show symptoms?

Early ages.

How does a person get this syndrome? Is this a mutation or genetically? What does the Karyotype look like?

  1. By a genetic abnormally
  2. It's a mutation
  3. It occurs when there are three chromosomes in the eighteenth position instead of the normal two.

How many people are affected by this syndrome? Is it rare or common?

1 in every 5000 live births get this syndrome.

It can become common.

Who discovered this syndrome and when was it discovered?

John Edward discovered it and it was discovered in 1960.

List an other useful or interesting information about this syndrome in the following space.

  1. It is an extra copy of chromosome 18
  2. It leads to sever intellectual and physical defects
  3. Most fetuss with Edward's syndrome die in prenatal period
  4. Girls are more affected than boys

Do you think genetic testing is a useful and important part of science? Why or Why not?

I think it is a useful important part of science because you can find the cure for it to help people lives. People could find what causes Edward's syndrome if people didn't know about it. People can prevent from Edward's syndrome from happening. It also could save peoples lives.
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