STEM Career

Description of career

Astrophysicist study the sky of outer space. They use telescopes from earth and outer space to observe celestial bodies(how stars are positioned) and phenomena. They use a gauge (instrument for measuring magnitude) radio, wave lengths and X-ray signals from extraterrestrial (different) sources. They write theories of space and time to the origins of the universe. They test theories by analyzing and interpreting research data. They present this research at conferences. When they don't do this, they raise funds to teach students what they do.


The median annual salary is $102,892

3 Colleges that offer major

Barnard College-New York, NY

Smith College-Northampton, MA

University of Texas,Austin

Projected job outlook for 2020

Job openings (from expansion demand and replacement demand) are expected to total 13,708 and 20,829 job seekers.