Sensorimotor Period

Birth to One Month

What happens during this period?

  • Gains information through senses
  • Makes eye contact
  • Prefers faces to objects
  • Can distinguish between familiar and unfamiliar voices
  • Behaviors are limited to simple motor responses caused by sensory stimuli
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Characteristics of this period.

  • Practices inborn reflexes
  • Does not understand self as separate person

What are infants doing this time period?

  • They coordinate new sensations
  • For example: a child may suck his/her thumb by accident and then later intentionally repeat the same action
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What are activities for an infant that is birth-one month old?

  • How to stimulate your babies brain
  1. smiling
  2. cuddling
  3. talking to your baby
  4. face your baby towards the activity
  5. and keep your baby beside you while you walk around the house
  6. carry them while you move
  7. put them in a spot so that they can look at the world around them
  8. you need to find appropriate toys

Tori Rasmussen, Avery Hongslo