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Programming for FY 2016

Programming funds for FY2016 are now available. Most branches will have $450 to be divided between both age-level librarians (talk to me if you work at NER). You can divide this evenly, or whatever works for your location. You can use these funds for presenters, program supplies, refreshments, etc. Here are some tips and guidelines to refer to.

Booking a Performer

You may use the programming wiki on the StaffWeb to select a performer; this is going to be updated soon. Or, you may use someone not on the list. If they have a history with FLP, their info will be on file. However, if they haven't worked with us previously, please clear your choice with your coordinator (me) and they will need to complete a W-9 before payment can be processed. I also have a list of some free programs. Let me know if you need another copy.

In order to create flyers, post on branch calendar or request a check, I'll need the following info:

  • Presenter's actual name (to whom the check will be written)
  • Stage/Group name
  • Presenter's address
  • Date and time of program
  • Honorarium amount
  • Confirmation letter/email

Let the presenter know that their check should be mailed approximately 7 - 10 days after the program has occurred. Exceptions can be made on a case-by-case basis.

Need Flyers?

Flyers are now exclusively created by the Graphics department (we can't do them in-house any longer). Ideally, programs should be planned in advance in order to provide time for flyers to be produced - at least 2 months in advance is required. But, flyers can often be produced in much less time. When you need a flyer, email me the following information:

  • Name of program
  • Day, date and time of program
  • Presenter's name, if you'd like that featured
  • Audience - preschool, school-age, teen, adult, family, or community
  • Brief program description
  • Number of flyers desired (300 is the largest amount you can order at one time).
  • Anything special needed, such as supported by Friends of the ...., organizational logos, photos, etc.

Unless you tell me otherwise, I always post programs on the library's electronic Calendar of Events.

Don't forget to send a press release or announcement to the Northeast Times. It's published each Wednesday. Deadline is 5:00 pm on the Wednesday 2 weeks prior to publication.

Check Requests = Payment Authorizations

Checks need to be requested in advance although the presenter won't be paid until after a program takes place. Some things to keep in mind:

  • Please be clear which budget you will be using (general programming, summer reading, grassroots/discretionary, grant....), so I use the correct accounting code.
  • Please make certain of correct name/address for checks. Performers sometimes use stage or group names.
  • Forward me a copy of confirming email, or letter. I need this for the Payment Authorization. If you'd like a template, let me know.
  • For reimbursements, I'll need original receipts.
  • It is occassionally possible to get a check in advance of a program.
  • Tell me when a program has concluded - this triggers me to send the Payment Authorization to Foundation Dept.
  • Checks are to be cashed within 60 days of the date of issue.
  • Please let me know if a performer indicates they have not received a check - normally checks are mailed by Foundation Dept. 7 - 10 business days after a program takes place.


Aside from requesting flyers, there are other ways to publicize your program.

  • Check out the CD produced by Development Department, and distributed to all branches in early 2013. This includes lots of great tips and examples.
  • Post notices of programs and events on your branch's home page.
  • Post notices of programs and plenty of photos on your branch's Facebook page.
  • Sent a press release to the Northeast Times for inclusion into their weekly calendar. Their deadline is Wednesday by 5 pm, two-weeks prior to publication.
  • Take pictures at your events and programs. But, if you photograph children and want to use the image, you will need to have a parent sign a Photo Release Form, which is available on the staffweb).

Supplies, Refreshments....

You can use funds from various budgets for supplies or refreshments. Here's how:

  • Purchase the items, using your own money, and I'll get you quickly reimbursed. Just send me the original reciepts along with a short note about what they were used for.
  • If you are making a larger purchase (over $50), or wish to purchase from a catalog or online source, it may be more cost effective to go through Lisa Cervo in Purchasing (6-5388). She can often get discounts. Let me know if I can help with this.
  • Gift Cards: we recommend that gift cards are no longer part of what we consider buying for prizes, or any other purpose. The current rules about providing adequate documentation of recipients is becomming too restrictive. Instead of running the risk of not being reimbursed for these items, let's not bother with them any more.