Renaissance Tunes

The Musical Instruments of the Renaissance


The Renaissance sparked numerous new forms of art. Thus new forms of music were created. The most common type of musical instrument family of the period was usually the woodwind family, consisting of instruments such as bagpipes, flutes and many more. Percussion was also common, as were the strings, ranging from the harp to the lute.

Who Played Them and Why?

Religious chants and hymns were often a large influence on Renaissance music. Composers such as Thomas Tallis and Josquin Des Prez were also very successful in their works.

The Main Instruments

Instruments like the Bagpipe, Dulcian, Gamba, Harp, Hirtens, Hurdy-Gurdy, Cornett, Organetto, Pipe, Recorder, Flute and many more lit up the renaissance.