Inspiration Follows Aspiration

Headteacher Newsletter - Spring 2020

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1. Crawford's 'Got Talent?'

2. Media Speculation

3. Free School Meals

4. Talking to Children about COVID-19: Ten Top Tips

5. Crawford's Learning Gallery

6. Collective Worship

7. Google Classroom

8. Virtual Visits and Live Webcams

9. PTFA/ Easy Fundraising

10. Governor Update

11. September Update

12. Safeguarding

13. Online Safety

'Inspiration follows aspiration'

Dear all,

First and foremost, we hope you are all well and safe?! During this continued difficult time, it is ever-more important to reach out and support each other. We are here for you so please do contact your child's teacher or myself if you require any assistance.

It has been uplifting to see the nation come together and, during these unprecedented times, show their support for all 'Key Workers', most notably the NHS staff who continue to inspire us through their aspiration to treat, care and support. I have to say, this must not omit everyone who is working together to fight this pandemic. You and your children, at home, have been incredible in adapting to a very difficult home-learning situation and for that, you must feel incredibly proud. I must also thank all of our teachers and staff who have been amazing in continuing to work long hours, whilst also attempting to home-school their own children! As a staff, we have been planning every single day, continuing our own training, and having 'virtual' whole staff meetings every week.

It has been amazing to see so many of you engaging with the communications and learning we have been sharing with the children. The teachers are working extremely hard ensuring that your needs and interests are catered for. Google Classroom is proving to be the most effective approach to supporting your child(ren). Whilst I appreciate there have been some teething and access issues, for some, I am delighted to see more and more of you engage with this approach. I am also pleased that the delivery of Chrome books to many of you has significantly supported your home-learning provision. We are due to receive a new stock of Chrome books so please do contact your child's teacher/the office/myself if this is something that would help you?!

In this issue, I plan to provide you with an update on the COVID-19 situation (and what this means for Crawford's), share a few helpful guides/resources/videos, introduce you to some new members, update you on our September class plans, and a few other bits and bobs, which I hope will make things a little clearer, moving forward.

So, until the next important update, remember 'inspiration follows aspiration'. Keep up the amazing caring for your children and continue to aspire to provide them with happy, fun, productive, rich-filled learning experiences.

'There is no education like adversity.'

Mr Francksen

Executive Headteacher

Mr Francksen 'Hello' & 3 Little Pigs Story

1. Crawford's 'Got Talent' Challenge...

Crawford's 'Got Talent?'
Parent Questionnaire

Please complete the annual parent questionnaire. Your feedback is invaluable.

Outdoor Play and Learning Survey

Please complete the OPAL survey to support us in a new outdoor learning approach.

2. Media Speculation

Understandably, there has been a lot of speculation with regard to schools reopening. However, schools remain closed until further notice, except for children of 'Key Workers' and the most vulnerable. Gavin Williamson, the Secretary of State, has recently stated:

People are anxious to know when we are going to relax restrictions and when schools are likely to be fully back and open again. Of course, I want nothing more than to get schools back to normal, make sure that children are sat around learning and experiencing the joy of being at school. But I can’t give you a date, because before we do, we need to meet five tests:

  1. First, we must protect the NHS’s ability to cope and be sure that it can continue to provide critical care and specialist treatment right across the whole of the UK;

  2. Second, we need to see the daily death rates from coronavirus coming down;

  3. Third, we need to have reliable data that shows the rate of infection is decreasing to manageable levels;

  4. Fourth, we need to be confident that testing capacity and PPE are being managed, with supply able to meet not just today’s demand, but future demand;

  5. And, fifth, and perhaps most crucially, we need to be confident any changes we do make will not risk a second peak of infections.”

As a school we are continually monitoring and evaluating our current learning provision. We are also trying to '2nd-curve think' so that, when the time is right, and it is safe to reopen schools, we are able to provide the best possible quality of education and care from day 1 of return. Through force of circumstances, we had to close with very little notice; we would therefore, like to believe that proactive planning will enable a smooth transition back.

We are expecting the government to provide an indication of the exit strategy from lockdown on Thursday, with further details provided on Sunday.

The senior leaders in Tilian will fully discuss and plan the way forward when the government have announced their requirements for schools. We have been informed that there will be at least three weeks notice to enable schools to prepare for any opening but this is likely to be a partial reopening in the first instance.

When we have been informed of the government’s plans we will contact you again to explain the requirements and the actions we will be taking to ensure school is as safe as possible for our children.

3. Free School Meals

The Eden-red, national initiative has experienced many teething issue. The system is often busy and we're advised that Sunday evening appears to be a good time to download vouchers.

* Please note, the vouchers are only valid for 4 weeks so it is important to redeem them as soon as you get them (check your inbox and SPAM folder). The shop voucher, once downloaded, is then usually valid for 12 months. Schools have now been given more flexibility in uploading requests so vouchers can be sent fortnightly (but doubled up in value). If you think you have missed any please contact the school office.

Please find below suggestions to navigate the system successfully:

  1. Open the email received from Eden-red;
  2. Copy the code in the email;
  3. Click 'redeem';
  4. Wait to be transferred in the queue - this screen counts down and keeps refreshing;
  5. Once transferred, paste the code in, as directed;
  6. Scroll down the screen to select voucher type (shop preference);
  7. Type in the voucher value and 'add to basket';
  8. Await the green bar indicating it has been successfully added;
  9. Await the voucher email (this can take up to 24 hours);
  10. The voucher will come with a bar code and serial number to use in store from phone or as a printable voucher.

4. Talking to Children about COVID-19: Ten Top Tips

Clickable links for COVID-19 advice, support and guidance

Covid-19 mental health & well being guidance

During this time, it’s important that you support and take care of your family’s mental health – there are lots of things you can do, and additional support is available if you need it.

5. Crawford's Learning Gallery

6. Collective Worship

As a Church of England School, staff have been working hard to ensure the children have access to a daily collective worship. This term, our Crawford's Cog and Christian value is 'Aspirational.' Please keep checking Google Classroom for positive and thought-provoking prayers, quotes, messages and songs. Our wonderful minister, Rev. Brin Singleton, has shared with us all a beautiful video celebrating Easter and the notion of 'Aspiration.'

7. Google Classroom

We will continue to share a weekly timetable, which supports daily/weekly learning and covers a breadth of subject.

Google Classroom Codes

Class 1 - yngu23g

Class 2 - r7nuzj4

Class 3/4 - lotqfsi

Rising Stars - uvdudxk

8. Virtual Visits and Live Webcams

A selection of virtual visits to museums, zoos, theme parks and more...

9. PTFA/ Easy Fundraising

I am delighted to announce that we have recently cashed in £734.32 from easy fundraising. This costs you absolutely nothing, however, thanks to those who regularly use it, we are now able to purchase some additional Chrome books that we will soon be looking to loan out to you. Particular thanks must go to Kristy Talbot who, in collaboration with her employers, raised over £600!!! Amazing!!! PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE sign up to this...

You access over 2,700 retailers through this website such as Amazon, Argos, eBay, Sports Direct and Asda. Tesco is also included so when you re-order school uniform please use this website so the school receives cash back. It's really easy to use and set-up.

Go to first and create a user account, selecting Haughley Crawford's PTA as your good cause. You access your usual online retailer's website from the easy fundraising website and every time you shop the school will receive cash back. You don't pay any extra and the retailer's website is exactly the same as usual with the cash back benefits going to the school.

Easy Fundraising

Click on the button to begin immediately earning the school money!

10. Governor Update

I am delighted to announce the appointments of Jo Allum (parent governor), Jo Ling (community governor) and Gabi Wood (community governor). All have shown a keen interest to support the school, moving forward, and we feel very honoured to have such key stakeholders involved with our school and community. We still have 1 parent vacancy available, therefore, if you are interested in learning more about the school, the role of governance, and having an opportunity to help steer the future education of our children, please contact either the school office or myself for further information.

Please see below, our School Governance Committee Membership.

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Please click on the link, below, to see Jo Ling, our new governor, reading a bedtime story as well as a link to the Haughley Nature Watch.

We're going on a Bear Hunt!

11. September Update

I am delighted to announce the appointments of Mrs Clare Welch and Mrs Kayleigh Smith and welcome them to the Crawford's team. Clare will be our new Y3/4 class teacher and Kayleigh will be our new admin assistant, in the absence of Mrs King during her maternity. I'd like to take this opportunity to wish Mrs King well in the forthcoming birth of her baby. We will all be waiting with baited breath on her new arrival and we will miss her hugely whilst she is off. We are already counting down the days for her return to Crawford's.

From September, I am delighted to announce that we will be moving back to a 4-class set-up. This will mean that each class, as they currently are, will be moving up together. This will enable them continuity and familiarity with their social learning groups. It will also enable us to enhance our leadership throughout the school. Miss Mitchell will become the Key Stage 1 Leader and Ms DP will lead our Key Stage 2 provision.

The structure will look as follows:

Class 1 (Reception) - Mrs Shave

Class 2 (Y1 & 2) - Miss Mitchell

Class 3 (Y3 & 4) - Mrs Welch

Class 4 (Y5 & 6) - Ms DP

Enrichment Leader & Class 1 - Mr Hurkett

12. Safeguarding

Please click on the links below for the most up-to-date information/ guidance regarding how to best safeguard your child.

What children are saying to Child line about coronavirus.

13. Online Safety

Please click on the links below for the most up-to-date information/ guidance regarding how to keep children safe online.