Education: A Universal Human Right

Make sure all of the world's children get to go to school!

Education For All Children (EFAC) -- Why is there a need for EFAC?

In America, going to school is something we take for granted. In fact, it is common to hear American students complain about how much they hate school, yet there are many children in the world who would give anything to sit in a classroom all day and learn. In these parts of the world, schools either don't exist, or they exist only for those with financial means or those who are from the right social class or gender group, and children other than these will have no access to a formal education. Without a formal education, these children will have limited access to work, healthcare, safe living conditions, and even basic human rights; therefore, just as food is critical for the nourishment of children's bodies, education is critical for the nourishment of their futures.

Knowledge is power! Empower the world's children through education! To do so is to promote peace, freedom, and justice througout the world!

Education For All Children

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