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Edison Academy of Differentiated Learning

April 2020

Principal's Message

Principal's Message - April Newsletter

OMSD Distance Learning Resources

The OMSD Distance Learning Resources website is filled with learning resources for students, parents, and teachers. Parents will find a plethora of resources to support and provide enrichment activities for students throughout the school closures. Be sure to check back often as this website will continually be updated with new resources and materials for students, parents, and teachers.

Create a Daytime Academic Schedule for Kids Stuck at Home Right Now

As schools around the country close and parents scramble to either work from home or find child care, it can be easy to view this as one big, long snow day. Prop ‘em in front of the TV with some snacks and ride it out. But experts agree that the best thing parents can do for kids off school for the next couple of weeks (or longer) is to get them on a schedule right away... for more information on how create a schedule for your child visit

Connect with Us: @Edison_OMSD

We are maintaining an active social media presence on Twitter during this temporary school closure. We are using this additional outlet to share timely reminders, announcements, and helpful resources for you and your child during this time away from school. Please consider following us at @edison_academy and stay connected.

Please note, these short messages are not intended to replace our other forms of communication but rather intended to add another layer of communication about Edison. So, while social media has proven to be a great tool for institutions like us to share reminders and snapshots of what’s happening here, it is not the best tool for us to use when it comes to discussing individual students or situations. Thank you in advance for being mindful of student privacy and continuing to contact us directly by connecting with you child's teacher by email or calling the school office when you have any questions or concern about your child.

Update Your Contact Information Today

If there were an emergency update or announcement could we easily locate you? Do you have a new home phone number? A new cell phone number or email address? A new home address? Please let the school office and your child’s teacher know right away -- (909)984-5618