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"A well spent day brings happy sleep." Leonardo Da Vinci

Nov 16- Nov 20

Love, Laugh, Learn

Thank you to everyone for hosting me in your classrooms this past week!

I want to give a huge shout out to Ms, Toney, Ms. Bean and the special ed group especially Diana. These were a few of the classrooms where I felt the Husky motto oozing from the walls!!

Kindergarten: Celebrate Thanksgiving

List and discuss the different ways we can celebrate Thanksgiving - Nat Geo Kids Online Resource.
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First Grade: Story Elements

Students will listen to the the story Twas the night before thanksgiving and correctly summarize it using the yellow brick road. Then we will write our own versions

Second Grade: Personal decisions and habits affect health

Students will watch the tumblebook The Quest to Digest and follow an apple's journey through the human digestive system. Discover why mucus is so important to your body and how food particles are absorbed by the small intestine and turned into energy. Readers also learn why we burp, vomit, and pass gas.
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Third Grade: Summarizing

Students will listen to Thank You, Sarah a story which is about how the Government reflects the changing needs of the people, and how a person can participate in the democratic process.
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Fourth Grade: How do advertising techniqes affect behavior?

Students will listen to the bluebonnet Balloons over Broadway a biography about the person who started the Macy's thanksgiving day parade. We we will discuss the original purpose of the parade and compare it to what we see today.

Fifth Grade: Domain Name Extensions

Students will learn about the presidential turkey pardoning by visiting
We will also explore domain name extensions and what they tell us about the website.
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Special Ed Storytime

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Guaranteed to be fun!

Let me know if you would like a visit from the book fairy this week. I can drop by anytime I don't have class scheduled to read one of the stories below.