The Shark

Learn about the life and fuctions of a shark

getting energy.

sharks get energy by eating other animals.

Major digestive organs

The major organs in the shark are the Pharynx,stomach,esophogas,stomach,liver,spiral vaulved intestines,galbladder,kiddney.


The shark uses Gills to breath.

Oxygen enters the body through: the gills of a shark then the blood vessels extract the oxgen .


  1. This organism reproduces:sexuauly


  1. embryo,pup,adolescent,adulthood.

Response to stimuli

  1. This animal has a white underside to trick predator or prey int Does this organism have to regulate its body temperature (like a human)? yes

  2. Some sharks migrate to warmer or colder waters others regulate their own body tempemperture.

Waste removal

This organism eliminates carbon dioxide through the: gills

  1. No because even if they overheat they can dive down into cooler water.

    1. They urinate through their gills.