Team DaSilva

NOVEMBER Newsletter


My personal sales $ 2316.00

Total Team Sales- $12609.50

Total Team Size 44

Top SELLER! $2316.00 Sarah DaSilva

over $1000

Melissa Nelson- $1416.50

Denise Obtinario- $1231.00

over $500

Jennifer Buckhalter-$819

Gina Lane-$804

Joeleen Hodgson-$702

Becca Gross-$643

Christy Kettering-$633

Heidi Sweider-$611

PARTY GIRLS!!! (Held at least one party in the month of November)

Joeleen Hodgson

Valerie Hill

Kathy Chapelle

Nicole Kindell

Rachel Brown

Aimee Kindell

Amanda Butler

Denise Obitnario

Melissa Nelson

Jennifer Buckhalter

Heidi Sweider

Gina Lane

Doreen Grose

Jennifer Buckhalter

Crystal Kaune

Christy Kettering

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Who is going to beat my sales for December to earn a special gift from me???

Sarah DaSilva Independent Director

Do you have questions, need inspiration or coaching? Please contact me to schedule a one on one phone call or arrange a time to meet up for coffee. I am here to help you :)

Congrats to all our Charm earners

Jennifer Buckhalter- Charm 1

Melissa Nelson- charm1

Denise Obtinarnio- charm 1

Joeleen Hodgson- charm 1

Becca Gross- charm 1

Heidi Sweider- charm 1 and necklace

Gina Lane- charm 1

Christy Kettering-charm 1