Loss of Childhood



Lost of childhood maked us feel sad.because children shouldn't have to live like that.

quote: Long way gone

When UNICEF came, "i hid my bayonet inside my pants and a grenade in my pocket."

quote: Long Way Gone

"We sat quietly for a minute before Alhaji asked if anyone happen to bring any marijuana or cocaine."
'The Help' Trailer HD

How is the theme in the novel similar to the movie?

These two movies are similar because they both are about slavery. The movie shows how the black women have to work for white families. The book shows how the children are like slaves because they have to work for the rebel army and the government army. The text says that the government army made ishmael and two other boys walk down a row of people and there were four men dead and covered in blood. This explains that their childhood was taken away from them.

Why I went back to Syria

The connection in both the article and the book is the kids is syria were innocence, and were getting killed. For an example and the book is shows how kids were taken away for there parents, and have to join the army.This shows that the kids have lost of innocence.