Sam Linberg



My favorite hobby is to hang out with my awesome family and friends! Especially my friends, we always have a blast and make good memories. My favorite food is wings. I was born in lacrosse. I've been to 13 states because my dad is a truck driver and I use to go with him. I love the outdoors, deer hunting, duck hunting, and fishing.

Ten thing not to do while typing

1. Do not wrest your wrists.

2. Do not slouch in your chair.

3. D not have a super high chair.

4. Do not have a super low chair.

5. Keep your feet planted.

6. Do not have your keyboard to far away.

7. Do not have your keyboard to close to you.

8. Do not have any food or drinks by the computer.

9. Do not sit to close to the computer.

10. Do not sit to far away from your computer.