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Our mission statement is to provide a chance for kids to become healthier and to promote good choices. Organized sport is a great way for children to participate in regular physical activity. In addition to the physical fitness benefits, playing sports helps kids learn teamwork, develop confidence, respect and self-esteem (Organised Sports). Sport also helps them to understand the value of fair play and how to cope with winning and losing. Numerous studies have also linked participation in sport to increased academic performance at school (Organised Sports).

Regular physical activity benefits youth in many ways, including helping build and maintain healthy bones, muscles, and joints; helping control weight and reduce fat; and preventing the development of high blood pressure (Facts: Sports Activity and Children). There is lots of evidence that supports that physical activity can help improve in the classroom, including grades and test scores. Further, activities can affect cognitive skills, attitudes and behaviors, including attention. (Facts: Sports Activity and Children).

Organized sport programs can contribute to reducing youth crime by giving

young people positive feelings of self worth and by helping youth

acquire leadership, teamwork and normal human skills (Carmichael 2).


There's a lack of access for minority children for sports. Sport participation rates for white children exceed that of African-Americans, Hispanics, and Asian kids. Data on other groups such as Native-American children are not even reported in government funded studies that track physical activity in youth (Facts: Sports Activity and Children).

The barriers to participation come early, with the expenses of sports and equipment that are not accessible to many lower-income kids and kids without an opportunity (Facts: Sports Activity and Children).



In Africa, there are some of the poorest rural schools where resources are limited. Sports in African schools are played with massive enthusiasm - like everything that African children do and there are not many facilities (Sports Coaching). They don't have the correct supplies in Africa and it is hard to come by because they play all day and don't have the resources. They overcome this problem by melting about 50 plastic supermarket bags over a fire, molding them into a soccer ball as each bag is added and then play with bare feet (Sports Coaching). Sports are being played and loved by so many around the world. Sports provide a platform to help erase racial boundaries, channel kids passion through sports and to develop qualities of a good person (About H4H).


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