criptid hunters

By Roland Smith

by grace kort


Would you like to read a adventure book that tack place in a inland. If so tin read criptidhunter and it is writen by roland smith.roland smith life in portland ,orgen.roland smith wrote other books called tentacles and chupacabra.


The main charter are marty and grace. Other chaer are noah blackwood,luter,wolfe.the main place is the congo.the time is present day.the bigengning of the book is grace and marty go to they uncle's house on a island because their parrents are missing.the midde of the book is while grace and marty are being tanken back to school the plane crash into the congo.the end of the book is do grace and marty get out of the congo.


the main charter are marty and grace.other chater are noah blackwood,luter,wolfe.


I like that grace,marty went to their uncle house.i. like that grace is smart. I like marty being advenche


This book reminded me of the book among the hidden because they both have a adventure.this book reminded me of tangled because their is a adventure with a boy and a girl.this book reminded me of going to my unlce house because marty and grace went to their uncle house.


I would recommend this book to my friend because the book is about adventure and my friend likes adventure book.this book was interesting about that marty and grace goes to their uncle house and had a adventure.