Coyote Connection

Desert Sage Elementary - April 16, 2021

Adding Two Digit Numbers

Mrs. Wise's 1st grade class is working hard on adding two-digit numbers. Way to go first graders!

Lost and Found

Our lost and found is overflowing with items. If you child is missing anything please remind them to check the lost and found area.


Just a reminder masks are still required each day at school. Recently we have seen an increase in students forgetting a mask from home. We have kindly supplied reusable masks for those who forget so that these may be washed and used again. Please be sure your student is remembering to bring their mask to school each day.

Kindergarten Registration is Happening Now!

Kindergarten Registration is happening now.

To register your student please go to: The District's New Student Registration Website
Fill out the form
You will need to provide your student's birth certificate, immunization records, and a current bill that is connected to your home (i.e. an electrical bill, gas bill, trash bill, sewer bill, lease agreement, or purchase agreement) to the school.

Once your student is registered and you have provided all of these records for us we will send an invitation for you to sign up for our Kindergarten Meet and Greet.

The Kindergarten Meet and Greet is by invitation only. There will be no open house this year. Please do not wait to register your student we would love to see you at the Meet and Greet.

Feel free to share this with your friends that might have Kindergarten age students that need to be registered.

Cody the Coyote

Congratulations to Mrs. Wilson's VSH class for earning the Cody Coyote award this week. This award is presented to a classroom who does a great job using our Learner Powers throughout the week.

  • Reflect
  • Self-Manage
  • Collaborate
  • Curious
  • Persevere


This month we are focusing on our Learner Power Reflect!

To Reflect: to think about and monitor your own learning.

Young children can reflect how they did while completing a simple chore or how they behaved with a sibling.

Older children can reflect on their quality of time spent on homework, or the level of understanding on a tough concept at school.

Be sure to ask your student about our Learner Powers.

Nurse's Office Clothing Needs

If your student has borrowed clothing from the nurse this school year please return these items to the office. Our Nurse's office is running low on their extra clothing supply. There is a need for extra items, especially boys and girls size 7-10. We appreciate your support.