Team Talk

The Road to Distinctions Week of December 7-11, 2015 2015

Principles of Learning

The two "Principles of Learning below are nothing new. As a matter of fact, It is much aligned to the way we do business on our campus. Take the time to study both principles and reflect on your own practices.

Organizing for Effort:

What does it look like?

An effort-based school replaces the assumption that aptitude determines what and how much students learn with the assumption that sustained and directed effort can yield high achievement for all students. Everything is organized to evoke and support this effort, to send the message that effort is expected and that tough problems yield to sustained work. High minimum standards are set and assessments are geared to the standards. All students are taught a rigorous curriculum, matched to the standards. They receive as much time and expert instruction as they need to meet or exceed expectations.

Clear Expectations:

If we expect all students to achieve at high levels, then we must define what we expect students to learn and do. Schools promote clear expectations by communicating them in ways that get them "into the heads" of school professionals, parents, community members, and, above all, students themselves. Descriptive criteria and models of work that meet standards should be publicly displayed. Students should refer to these displays to help them analyze and discuss their work. With clear and visible learning targets, students can participate in evaluating and setting goals for their own work and effort.

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