Mission One

Friday, February 23rd

Items to bring

Please ensure that all students are loaded on the bus with the following:

  • Digital Presentation (thumb drive, etc.)
  • Physical Model with one "moving part"
  • Dressed in school approved attire- presentation attire is encouraged, but not mandatory

Who can attend?

Only members of the Mission Possible Team and their campus agent (that means you) will be able to attend.

Campus Principals are always welcome but adults will not be able to go into the judging setting with their teams.

Any agent planning to attend for the day will need to contact Sonya Allen @sonya.allen@crowley.k12.tx.us in order to secure a substitute (if necessary).

Breakfast / Lunch

Breakfast should be provided at the campus in a manner that it is normally served. Transportation will arrive shortly after the start of the school day (*see transportation schedule)

Lunch will be provided at the competition site prior to returning to campus.

Transportation Schedule

Please ensure that students are prepared to depart from the front of their buildings at the following times:

Bus 1

Sue Crouch 9:00

Summer Creek 9:10

SH Crowley 9:20

Bus 2

Hargrave 8:50

HFS 9:00

Poynter 9:15

Bus 3

Jackie Carden 9:00

Mary Harris 9:10

Dallas Park 9:20
*Agents are responsible to ensure that the proper "Field Trip" forms are completed at each of your respective campuses.
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