Notorious November!

November News / Team Villarreal

Gobble some Sales!

November is the highest selling month of the year! If you have your samples in a corner collecting dust, grab a jewelry cloth and let those beauties sparkle! There are plenty of things to gobble on this month: sales, sponsoring, commissions and free jewelry credits for the Spring line! Now that's something to be thankful for!

Wrap Up the Season

Track your Progress! Set your Goals!

What level are you going for? I'm going for Level 5! Yikes!

Any goal can be achieved if you are constantly working for it, print this up and put it on your fridge, let's do it!

Team Kudos

Sales - Congrats Sandra and Luchi, for pushing really hard particularly at the end of the month, Julia and Marisol worked hard too!

Melissa V $1,738 dlls

Sandra M $1,015 dlls

Luchi M $1,011 dlls

It's your moment, take it! I'm here to help!

Melissa Villarreal

Star Stylist