by: Erik Munoz

Introduction/ where i'm from

Erik Munoz was born in Fort Worth, TX and started writing poetry in 5th grade when he was introduced in to onomatopoeia’s and from there he has done various amounts of poems.

I am from the hard worker, from the fields and adventures. i am from the back yard fun. I am from the free grass and the garden in the gardens.

I am from the parties and the laid back, from mom and dad and my sister. I am from the great runners and the clean. i am from the Catholics from the chicken and the pizza. From the humble, the thankful, and the giving.

i am from Texas. I am from plains and hills and the cowboys from rock star to the rodeo this is where i'm from.


Living life like this is so crazy, this world is amazing one day you're on top and the next you're going crazy. I do my best to fall back, not make a sound. Feel like my minds going but i'm still here.

i've been working hard, i've been searching for glory. i hear'em busting the police they rushing and rushing, I've been going down, i've been living hard.

Everything changed in an instant, family I'm so sorry I've been so distant, though my time has been inconsistent I know y'all have been so insistent. Now I'm in another world living life so different, I fell through man what a world, my thoughts off on my better life. Rolling through my city, life is what you make of it. On a roll dropping albums all day.


Green and yellow

Deep in the woods of

Eugene Oregon where miracles take

place and legends are born. From the snow traditions the spring

football to the seasons where memories are made and chaos happens

from all over the Pac-12 to the home crowd dominate games

from sport to sport all wins are Memorable.

From Pac-12 championships to upsets on big

powerhouse teams, to court to

court breaking streaks where

it all runs in

Eugene, Oregon


Cake oh cake there something, something I just can't describe the way year on the counter all frosty chocolatey and nice, at one alarming affordable price. What are my supposed to do without you? I only came for a snack oh there's you, there's you oops now you're gone and in my tummy. There something you should know… oh... Cake. I ode you so savory and good with a glass of milk.


My world before you came was black and white,

and no shades of gray, no varied hues to see,

But then each day was wonderful and bright,

Because you brought the color back to me,

Look there a sky so vast and deeply blue,

Green grass that gleams as bright as a jewel,

With the gold yellow-flowers peeking through,

Reflected in your eyes pure, Crystal pools

But you left, one winter gloomy day,

And took the gift you had best owed,

All yellows, blues, and reds, fade away,

My eyes were left to seeing black and white,

Baby when the spring returns once more,

I might recall the vibrant days of yours.


Through all of the poems of this unit I believe my structure poem was the poem that I most engaged in because of the freedom that I had to create with this poem. During this poem I decided to go with my favorite college and describe their traditions and what they are known for. I wanted to catch the reader by making them feel like they were actually living the poem. I felt a little under pressure for making all of the ideas into poems but once I got going to poem started to come together. i really enjoyed was the structure and making into a shape of a trophy. During this process I related back to my childhood and what I mostly enjoy to do know. Overall this unit caught my attention because I was able to use my imagination to make poems come together.