Medina's Community Challenge

Take the Challenge by March 1, 2014

What is "The Challenge"?

Beginning spring of 2015, Ohio students will experience new computer-based tests based on Ohio's New Learning Standards. (See bottom of page for more test information.)

Get a feel for these new tests in Medina's Community Challenge.

Medina residents ages 18 and older, as well as alumni of Medina City Schools, who complete and comment on all 9 challenges below will have a chance to win a Medina City Schools car magnet--100 available! (Only your opinions about the questions are recorded, not your test question answers!)

If we receive more than 100 entries, winners will be randomly selected in a drawing. (Employees of Medina City Schools are not eligible--they have their own challenge posted in Blackboard.)

  1. Step One: Take each Challenge by clicking on the picture.

  2. Step Two: Give us your opinion of each Challenge.

*****You will want to right click each link and open in a new window!!******

Click here to see Online Testing Portal

This is one of the actual testing platforms students will use to take their science and social studies tests.

Additional Testing Information

beginning in spring of 2015, Ohio students will be taking new computer-based tests based on Ohio's New Learning Standards:

  1. Language Arts: Grades 3-11, national PARCC test
  2. Math: Grades 3-11, national PARCC test
  3. Science: 5th and 8th grade, Physical Science, Biology, Ohio test
  4. Social Studies: 4th and 6th grade, American History, Government, Ohio test

All tests will be divided into two parts:

  1. a multi-day Performance-Based Assessment in March, and
  2. a multi-day End of Year/Course Assessment in May

Scores from both parts will be combined into one final score. In the first year of administration (2014-2015), we will not get the final scores until the end of summer while the state and PARCC develop cut scores for proficiency.

More PARCC Information: Click Here

More Science & Social Studies ODE Tests information: Click Here

Ohio's New Learning Standards: Click Here