Sydney, Australia

Enjoy beautiful beaches, Islands, wonderful food, and shops!

Sydney's Snacks

There is many kinds of food and restaurants in Sydney. For example Harry's Cafe De Wheels that serves delicious meat pie. Or maybe your in the mood for fish and chips, if so go to Doyle's. Maybe your in the mood for some snacks and coffee, you might want to consider the Italian Run-Bar Coluzzi. You might want to keep in mind that most Austrailians eat fruit and vegetables. You never know you might like something until you try it!

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Sydney's Arts And History

If you go to Sydney, you can be a Sydney-Sider for the summer! The Sydney Dance Company performs in the Sydney Opera House. If your out and about go to one of Sydney's many Art galleries. Or maybe you feel like visiting the University of Sydney which is one of Sydney's oldest and largest institutions. There is a lot of history in Sydney you just have to go there to figure it out!

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Sydney's Sightings

You can enjoy many things in Sydney, like one of Sydney's many amazing shops. Or if your out and about on a starry night go to the Sydney Opera House where you can watch The Sydney Dance Company and many more acts! Right next to it is the Sydney Harbour, that holds many mysteries and fun! Or you might feel like spending the day outside, if so go to the Ku-Ring-Gai National Park! These sightings and Activities aren't the only things you can do in Australia. But you can figure that out when you go!

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Sydney's Past And Present

There is a lot of History in Australia. Like the Great Barrier Reef. You might not know it but it has been there for a long time! You can visit Port Jackson which is basically Sydney. Around the corner you can visit the AUstralia High Court that leaves you in awe with its intimidating feeling. Down the street the Capital of Sydney stands in its High Glory! Everything can leave you in awe if you got to Australia!

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The Language Of Sydney

Don't worry about studying a whole different language Australians still speak english but they have a different way of using it! These few helpful tips can mean a lifetime! Australians still speak english but they have a few words they change up but they mean the same thing. They use different words then the ones we use here in America. For example if someone calls you a Bloke it means guy. Or some Australians refer to the television as telly. Australians do have accent but they are quite cool! If these tips didn't confuse you, you are ready to go to Sydney!

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Sydney's Surprising Weather

Australia's Weather and Climate is very different then it is here in the U.S. Australia is one of the driest countries in the world! If you are planning to take a trip to North Australia you better pack some hats and sunscreen because it is very hot and arid! You might want to keep in mind that Australia's summer is December through February. If you visit the South eastern mountains you will want to pack a lot of jackets because it snows a lot there! Australia's beautiful if you go at the right time!

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