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April 2014

T.G.I.S.B.- Thank God It's Spring Break... said every teacher ever!

Hello, MAT alums!

April has always been one of my favorite months (and not just because it's my namesake!). The weather normally gets warmer... but here in Maryland, it's more like it gets warmish and then freezing and then hot and then freezing again. And of course, everybody loves Spring Break!!!

Maybe you don't party quite like you used to in undergrad, but hopefully you pulled yourself away from grading and lesson planning long enough to enjoy the days off, sleep in, and spend some time with family and friends.

With this newsletter comes more wonderful Good News/Fun News from our alumni, and some unique opportunities for you!

  1. Donate to support our new MAT Summer Literacy Camp! Click the button to help us raise money to help rising 6th graders (they're transitioning from Park Hall to Spring Ridge) who are also struggling readers. We've only raised $334 of our $2400 goal. Help us to reach our monetary goal, so that we will reach our goal of helping these students retain the information usually lost during the summer break! I'll go skydiving if we're able to reach our goal by May 15th. Or dye my hair purple. Or I'll eat vegetables. Whatever it takes to gets those donations rolling in!
  2. Chemistry in the Classroom: EdStudies is partnering with the Chemistry department to create a summer course for elementary and secondary teachers! Click the flyer link below for more information!

Looking forward to your emails about what is going on in your life- new house, new baby, engagements, weddings, new job, new award/recognition... if you're proud, we're proud!

I'll also be posting any job openings you hear about- if you know of any openings at your school or in your district, let me know!


Support our Summer Literacy Camp- Click to Donate!

EdStudies will be sponsoring a summer literacy camp for SMCPS elementary school students. Your gift will expand the experiential learning opportunities for MAT candidates and create important summer programming for local students.

Good News/Fun News!

  • Ken Benjes, MAT '12: Ken gave an after school workshop presentation to the faculty on transgendered students (correct terms, how to treat them, etc.). There was a lot of misinformation/ignorance so he set up the workshop to correct those issues.

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