February 16, 2015

Professional Learning Day

The Clarke County Schools' Professional Learning Day is just around the corner. This is a day when all teachers will have an opportunity to attend sessions tailored to their needs. Below are some examples of the sessions that the district will provide.

Morning sessions will begin at 8:00 am, so allow yourself enough time to find a parking space and get settled in. The sessions are packed with info, so please be on time. Lunch and travel time back to your school will be 11:30 to 1:30 p.m. The elementary and middle schools will engage in school-based sessions during the afternoon.

High Schools are scheduled at Athens Technical College, and those schedules have been communicated directly to all high school staff.

Since most sessions will involve some form of technology, please be prepared to bring your fully charged laptop along with your power cord.

For more detail (including your session location), click on this link for the schedule of morning sessions.

Get Waggle

This session is required for all Waggle pilot teachers in elementary and middle school. The session will take participants on a deeper dive into Waggle and explain the Knewton engine that drives the Waggle program. A lot of discussion will take place around the idea of Grit and Productive Struggle for students. Participants will come away with a better understanding of how Waggle can be personalized for students in a typical classroom.

Please submit this form no later than Wednesday 2/11 so we can get an accurate count of participants. Coffee, refreshments and a light breakfast will be served.

This session will take place in the cafeteria at Barrow Elementary.

Support for all K-5 Teachers

A targeted professional learning opportunity has been scheduled for all K-5 Core Content teachers.

K-2 teachers will:
  • have an opportunity to revisit Interactive Read Aloud/Shared Reading protocols to ensure effective classroom implementation
  • have an opportunity to review and discuss the purpose of using DIBELS Next data to identify strategic interventions needed to move students forward

Grades 3-5 teachers will:

  • have an opportunity to ask questions about the content and format of the upcoming Milestones assessment and explore resources to help them prepare
  • explore options for the explicit teaching of language standards as well as integrating ELA standards into social studies content and work collaboratively to develop language lessons
  • explore strategies for using mentor texts in writing

Check the detailed schedule for locations.

All ESOL teachers

ESOL teachers will work on collaborative planning and program audit.

Teachers will collaborate on the development of a shared bank of ACCESS prep items/develop shared bank of plans and strategies to support collaborating teachers/Conduct compliance audit of program requirements.

This session will take place in the BOE Gym.

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Teaching Music Standards With Fidelity and Creativity

Music teachers will plan creative music lessons that incorporate instruments, movement, singing, and listening activities. This session will be led by Dr. Judy Beale, Music Professor, Kennesaw State University. Chase St. Elementary will host this session.

More Professional Learning Opportunities

The afternoon will focus on school-based professional learning. In many of our schools the principal has opened up additional seats for teachers from other schools to engage in the learning. To see the list of possibilities, check with your principal. If you wish to join an afternoon session at another school, first get your principal's approval. Your principal can enter your name on the host school's roster of available seats. Space is limited and will be available on a first come, first served basis.