LMS News Bulletin


Team: What a great week to appreciate one of our best assets...teachers! The weather was great and the kids were in good spirits. As you can see from the video, every week is teacher appreciation week.


- Denise Brademan for another hard week of making preparations so the STAAR exams run smoothly.

-Karen Wren for hosting and sending out invitations to our end of the year party. Join us for a good time!

-Our PIE organization for putting together an outstanding week of activities for our teachers and students.


-Next week is STAAR testing. Let's keep procedures consistent with our last round. If you're unsure of those procedures please contact me or Denise.

-Use some time Friday in class to discuss procedures and expectations for next week's testing schedule. Remind the students that STAAR testing is but a small piece of our education, but we must focus on the task at hand despite it being just "one day".

-If you have not signed the hard copy of your summative, please come by and sign it. I have copies in the office.


1. #LISDedchat is suspended for the remainder of the year. It's been great conversation and I've learned a lot...but we need to direct our focus to finishing out the school year.

Weekly Calendar:

Mon - 5/9

8:00-12:00 - STAAR

3:45 PM - Dept Head

6:00 - NJHS induction

Tues - 5/10

8:00-12:00 STAAR

Wed - 5/11

8:00-12:00 STAAR

7th Field Trip

Thurs - 5/12

8:00-12:00 STAAR

LISD Design Team

Fri - 5/13

AR Field Trip

Sat - 5/14

5:00 LMS EOY Party

May Birthdays


Upcoming Dates to Remember

May 9 - STAAR

May 10 - STAAR

May 11 - STAAR - 7th Field Trip

May 12 - STAAR - Design Team

May 13 - AR Field Trip

May 14 - LMS EOY Party

May 16 - GT Presentations

May 17 - GT Presentations

May 19 - MS Awards Day

May 20 - Finals

May 23 - Finals

May 24 - Finals

May 25 - Finals/Early Release

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