Amicalola Falls

By: Alexia

Welcome to Amicalola Falls

Splash! Psssh! This water fall is 729 feet tall! The water fall is called Amicalola Falls. This place is in the north west of Georgia. The reason I choose to write about this place is because I thought it would be interesting to learn about Amicalola Falls.


First Amicalola Falls looks like rocks that are huge with a stream of water, with tress surrounding it. Amicalola Falls is a 90 minute drive from down town Atlanta (depending on traffic). While people are at Amicalola Falls they can explore and search for beautiful plants, tress, and etc. Amicalola Falls is also the tallest waterfall in the southeast!

How was it built?

Next Amicalola Falls was not man-made it was already there and, the man who discovered it built a wall and safe surroundings around it so everyone can see. It was delveloped by waters of a little creek.

Things i love about it

However I have never seen Amicalola Falls just from looking at pictures from it I think it looks beautiful and marvelous. The way I fell about knowing this place is just wonderful. Without Amicalola Falls life would be not much amazing on my point of view, there would be no place so beautiful.


Last remember that Amicalola Falls is in the northeast of Georgia. You should travel to Amicalola Falls the place sounds like a beautiful place.

These are pictures of Amicalola Falls

Big image
Big image

Amicalola Waterfall

Both pictures are taken in diffrent positions.