Our Wildcat World

September Newsletter

A letter from our President!

Dear Parents,

I just wanted to take a moment to welcome you back to another exciting school year! Our PTA Board is busy planning lots of fun activities for your Wildcats. If your family is new to our school this year, we are excited to have you! If you have not done so already, I would like to encourage you to join our PTA. The PTA Mission is to make every child’s potential a reality by engaging and empowering families and communities to advocate for all children. Together, we can make a difference! “Every child…one voice.”

Tisha Garner

President, Union PTA

Reflections: Explore the Arts

The 2015-2016 PTA Reflections theme is:

Let Your Imagination Fly

We welcome children from all grades and abilities to participate in our annual Reflections program! This program helps our children explore the arts for fun and recognize their potential. Our students are welcome to participate in any of the 6 categories...

  • Dance Choreography
  • Film Production
  • Literature
  • Musical Composition
  • Photography
  • Visual Arts

If you have an questions about how to participate, please email

Christy Adams at christyadams@rocketmail.com


Kristin Brown at khabrown0813@gmail.com


G.B.I. stand for Guys Being Involved! This year we want to involve our dads, grandfathers, uncles, etc. in our events and programs. Studies have shown that involvement of a father or a positive male role model has profound effects on children.

For any questions or concerns:

Please feel free to contact us thru Facebook or email.