The Talking Drum

A history and Analysis


The talking drum dates back to the Ghana Empire and were created in order to increase communication. Certain beats and tones have designated meaning that are interpreted by the people. The talking drums were culturally significant because understanding them was very complex. The talking drum was hourglass shaped and designed to mimic the tones of the human pitch. One would want to purchase a talking drum in order to posses an important and often overlooked part of african culture that greatly contributed to the growth of the continent.


Comparative Analysis

The talking drum is different than other drums in Africa because it was designed to be similar to the human voice and certain hits and tones meant specific phrases. This is very different than the role of the griot due to their purposes. The griot was intended to tell stories and relay history while the talking drum was meant to communicate information to a tribe. The talking drum was a great leap forward in terms of mass communication. Technology today relays words and signals through satellites and cell towers. The talking drum was a more primitive version of this due to the fact that it relayed words and signals with the technology of their time: the drum