John Brant: War Of 1812

John Brant a major key figure in the war of 1812.

About This Man.

John Brant (Sept 27,1794-August 27,1832) Born and died in Brant ford Ontario.

He was a Mohawk chief and government official his role in the war of 1812 is that he was a Mohawk leader and was on the British side during the war of 1812, if your a father, mother, Teacher, and or Principal you would be thinking Why should kids learn about this person?

Good question, in fact kids should learn about John Brant because he had a major role in the war of 1812. first aboriginal to revive commission in the British Army and led an army to the battle of Queens-ton heights. As you can see up there he was a Mohawk leader during the war and he was an aboriginal and as some of us the aboriginal's were on the British's side during the war.

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1st about John Brant's Family life,he had a father and his name was Joseph Brant, he also had a aunt and she was Molly Brant.

2nd Quote by John Brant: Duel in the sun: The Story of Alberto Salazar, Dick Beardsley, and America's Greatest Marathon.

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