Wildcat Cub Newsletter

Classroom News from Mrs. Johnson

Anchor Book for the Week:

This is the story of the Emperor penguin, the only large animal to remain on the Antarctic mainland throughout its bitterly inhospitable winter. Once the female has laid her egg, she heads back out to sea. Leaving the male penguin all alone to incubate the egg. He courageously spends two long months standing on the freezing cold ice with the egg on his feet!

What's happening this week???

This week we will:

  • Read and learn about emperor penguins.
  • Create penguin art.
  • Discover where Antarctica is located.
  • Complete an ice experiment! Can ice grow???

Explore and discover something new with your child every day!

Create a Snow Window. Gather the materials listed below. Tape the contact paper to a window or glass door (sticky side toward you) and let your little one create a winter wonderland all their own.

Materials you will need include:

  • contact paper
  • painter's tape
  • cotton balls
  • q-tips (cut some in half)
  • cotton pads