Rusty Raccoon News

January 11-15th 2016

What happened this week?

  • Talked about Arctic animals
  • Who lives in the Arctic?
  • How do Arctic animals stay warm?
  • We did a science experiment to understand how Arctic animals stay warm. We used Crisco as blubber.
  • We made snow in the sensory table.
  • The kids built homes for Arctic animals using various blocks, cups, Legos and magna tiles.
  • The kids used sugar cubes to build igloos and homes for Arctic animals.
  • Discussed the letter J and brainstormed words beginning with the letter.


  • Cold, Colder, Coldest
  • Polar Bear Night
  • Animals In Winter
  • Cold Snap
  • A Baby Polar Bear Story
  • A Baby Seal Story
  • The Three Snow Bears


  • Next weeks letter is D
  • School will be closed on Monday January 18th for Martin Luther King Day
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