Nuclear Fusion

How we can use Nuclear Fusion as an energy source

May 6, 2016

I am Julianne Hatchett and my lab of three, Cameron, Nickolas, Alex, have discovered a way to use nuclear fusion as an energy resource.
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How and what makes Nuclear Fusion energy

Two atoms get close together, then collide with each other to bind together into one nucleus.

How Nuclear Fusion is different from Nuclear Fission

In both processes energy is created and used by us, but they make this energy in different ways. Nuclear fusion gets two atoms close and then combines to make one nucleus. Nuclear fission is when an atoms nucleus splits into smaller pieces of the nucleus.
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Safety Precautions

While using nuclear fission we will carefully monitor the atoms to make sure that nothing goes wrong and we have radiation problems. To avoid this we will be making sure that each plant will have the layout plans accepted by high up people so that we can avoid having an accident

Environmental impact

Using Nuclear fission will cut back on the greenhouse gases released by other energy resources we use. It will help us with global warming.
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