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Home and School Connection - October 4, 2019

Late start on Tuesday, October 8th! Classes start at 9 AM

Recognizing DP Staff!

Our staff works so hard to make your child's day positive, educational, and spiritual. I would like to start a form that, when a staff member goes out of their way, we can recognize them. This recognition is called the St. John Baptist de la Salle award. St. John Baptist de La Salle is a Saint that devoted his life to teaching. He trained other people to be teachers. John urged his teachers to treat their students with love and compassion, making time for them and being concerned for their spiritual well-being.

Your recognition can take the form of a private "Good Job" to that staff member or we may post it here in our school newsletter- that is up to you! Anyone at DP can be recognized- teachers, teacher assistants, staff and administration. Thank you for taking the time. This will be available all school year! Click on the form below.

Safety Drills

Since the beginning of the school year we have been practicing safety drills. The Safety Drills we include are: Fire Drills, Tornado Drills (called a shelter in place), bus evacuation drill, and lockdowns. We practice two types of lock downs. A lockdown is usually called at the direction of the Westchester Police Department. A soft lockdown is usually placed when something is happening outside of the school. There is no movement from the inside of the school to the outside. Likewise, no one is admitted into the school. While students will remain in locked classrooms, classes continue as usual. A hard lockdown is when there is a threat to our students, which can be in the school or out of the school. Students will be hidden from sight and there will be a police presence.

All of the drills are important for us today. Lockdowns are the new sad reality that our schools have to face today. We take every precaution possible to keep our students safe. When we are practicing, please understand that we will follow the protocol. If you should visit during this time, you will not be admitted into the school and we would not be able to tell you that we are in a drill. If the school were to be placed on a lockdown, for any reason, we would do our best to notify you when it is the safe to do so. Your child's safety as well as the DP staff's safety is our first priority.

Divine Infant Jesus & Divine Providence Parish Bulletin

October 6, 2019 Please click here to view the bulletin

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October is the month of the Rosary

One of the most beloved devotion to Mary is the Rosary. The Rosary dates back to the Middle Ages when a practice developed of praying the Hail Mary on a set of beads. The Rosary honors Mary, who praised God for looking with favor upon her. She served God and all humanity when she said yes to be the mother of Jesus.

Family talk! To follow Jesus, we must learn how to be of service to others. How can you, as a family, serve others?

Need to know more about the Rosary? See the video at the bottom!

Spirit Wear

Students may wear the royal blue or grey sweatshirts any day of the week.

Beginning October 11, 2019, on FRIDAYS students may wear any spirit wear shirts with their regular uniform, or with their gym uniform is they have gym on Fridays.

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FSA Monthly Newsletter

Click here for the Family School Association September Newsletter

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Have a question? Email your child's teacher!

All teachers now have their proper emails- including our new teachers. Thank you for your patience!

Uniform Reminders

The navy walking shorts can be worn until October 15th. Please remember that students are expected to be in uniform, including uniform hoodies and sweaters.

Also, while girls may wear nail polish, it should cover their natural nails and be a short length. Anything excessive is not allowed. Administration reserves the right to decide if it is considered excessive. Students are not permitted to wear make up. Please refer to the school handbook for any uniform questions.

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Original Works

The Original Works Fundraiser starts today. Students will have the month of October to complete their artwork. Orders need to be received by November 14th. Look for more information in the coming weeks. Let’s get creative!

Thank you to everyone who supported DP and ordered from our Boon Fundraiser!

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Important Upcoming Dates

October 5 - Unity Mass 4 PM Mass at DP (No 5 PM Mass at DI)

October 5 - Virtus Training

October 8 - Late Start School Day

October 10 - Buona Beef Fundraiser

October 14 - NO SCHOOL, Columbus Day

October 19 - Virtus Training

November 1 - NO SCHOOL, Teacher in-service

November 1 - All Saints' Day

November 2 - All Souls' Day

The Rosary in 2 Minutes