The Prugh Crew

Week of September 16th

Learning Targets

Spelling and Grammar

in, of, can, can't, he, my, hat, chat, flat, mat

Grammar: word order, sentence structure

Word Family: -at

Practice on "Spelling City"


We will focus on what "good readers do" all week. Students will practice visualizing stories read aloud, making predictions, and monitoring themselves for comprehension while reading.


This week we will continue to focus on the mechanics of writing: letter formation, sentences, punctuation, and capitalization. We will also practice labeling our pictures and using these details to create more meaningful sentences within our writing.


Our math lessons will focus on place value. Students are expected to be able to explain how many tens and how many ones in any given number up to 50 at this time.

Science/Social Studies

We will use our five senses and observation skills to examine the world around us and practice communicating our discoveries like a real scientist.


Tuesday, Sept. 17 - School Pictures & Chick-Fil-A night

Volunteers Needed for Lunch Duty 10:15-10:45am

My duty days are:

Wednesdays: Sept. 11th - October 9th

Thursdays: October 17th-October 31st

*You must be an approved volunteer, and you must fill out a volunteer app every year. (Volunteer apps from last year expire 9-27)

iStation: please have your student login 30 minutes per week

username: s+student ID number

password: student ID number

Bring a water bottle and a dry, healthy snack each day.

We have PE - Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. Please wear appropriate footwear!

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