iPhone Vs. Samsung

Which phone is the better buy?

iPhone By Apple

The latest iPhone released by Apple is the iPhone 6s. The phone is 5.5. inches wide and has a curved aluminum frame. Apple products are worth the price with its great quality and fast and easy performance. iPhone is a great tool to own; it does a lot more than just make a phone call and the possibilities are endless.

Size and Space

If you prefer a bigger iPhone you would want the 6, 6s, or 6 plus. If you prefer something a little bit smaller you will want the 5s, 5c, or 5. You can purchase an iPhone in 16 GB, 32 GB, 64 GB, and 128 GB.

iPhone Models and Colors

Samsung Galaxy Phones

Samsung Galaxy

The latest phone by Samsung is the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. Unlike the iPhone 6s (Latest Apple phone) it has a metal edge and a plastic back which is not as nice. But if you like a big phone it is slightly bigger than the iPhone 6s. It is 5.7 inches wide. The neat thing that the latest Samsung product has is a built in stylus. The phone quality is nice but I prefer an Apple product. Samsung products are fast and efficient.

So which is the phone for you?

Well, it depends. A lot of it has to do with what product you are used to. If you are familiar with an Apple product you most likely rather has an iPhone and vice versa. Also keep in mind the style, quality, space (GB), and performance, and speed of the phone should play a important role of choosing the right phone for you.